The game that will challenge your ability to think!
Prove that you can solve any of the puzzles presented!

About the game

Phacil is the game that will challenge your ability to think.

Put the pieces together in color and prove that you can solve any of the challenges presented.

Phacil consists of 12 diamond-shaped pieces, each of which is divided into 4 triangles of red, blue, green and yellow.

The goal is to arrange the pieces by connecting the edges of the same color in order to form the drawing that is on the screen. Reds touching reds, blues, blues, greens, greens and yellows touching the yellow sides.


What are Donuts for?

Donuts are used to unlock puzzles.

How can I earn more Donuts?

You earn Donuts by completing puzzles.

How do I report an error/improvement?

You can notify us of an error/improvement by e-mail ( If you want to add any other comments, feel free to do so in the e-mail. For general comments or questions you can always e-mail us (

Why isn't Phacil available in my country?

We are working hard to make Phacil available in all countries with new languages. Stay tuned for more information by following us: @gamephacil

On what devices can I play Phacil on?

Phacil is available for iPads and iPhones. We'll be making the game available for Android devices soon.

When will more puzzles be added to the game?

New puzzles are uploaded monthly. Stay tuned!

I lost my progress in the game

Your progress is associated to your device. If you've delete Phacil your progress will be reset. We'll be making save progress soon.

Why can't I play the next puzzles?

You must finish previous puzzles on before moving to the next one.

Contact us

Rafael Moris